Our Vinyl Siding...

Can contribute to achieving points in leading green building certification programs; insulated vinyl siding may help earn significantly more points.
Is friendlier to the environment than brick, stucco and fiber cement in terms of air pollution caused by production, fossil fuel consumption and global warming impact.
Provides exemplary economic performance when evaluating costs associated with all life-cycle stages, from raw material acquisition to waste management.
Delivers superior environmental performance compared to other cladding based on the use of a life-cycle assessment tool compliant with ISO 14044.
Is safe to handle and install and poses no health risks to installers or inhabitants once installed.
Never needs paint or stain so it will not contribute maintenance-related chemicals to the waste stream.
Is a durable product that's engineered to last a "lifetime" on the home.*
DID YOU ALSO KNOW that vinyl railing and fencing are environmentally friendly for many of the same reasons as our other vinyl building products - including optimal material use and minimal waste during manufacturing, product durability, excellent economic performance and maintenance freedom!
       -USGBC LEED® for Homes Program Pilot Rating System, Page 114. BEES (Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability) Study. January 2007.
       *The NAHB has cited "lifetime" as the estimated life expectancy of vinyl siding on a home.

Environmental Health & Safety
Our Commitment to Eco Responsibility

we are dedicated to providing exceptional quality, beauty and value while being ever mindful of our environmental responsibility throughout all aspects of manufacturing and product life cycles. The materials used in our products, are selected not only for their durability, performance and beauty but also for their environmentally friendly qualities.

Total vinyl manufacturing today accounts for less than 1% of dioxin releases to the environment - less than many other manufacturing operations and building products.*
Vinyl has excellent fire performance qualities. Based on a naturally fire retardant polymer, vinyl is self-extinguishing when a flame source is removed.
The North American vinyl industry has subjected its products to extensive testing to demonstrate that they are safe to use. It maintains an active testing program to address new standards, as well as new concerns, as they develop.
       -* U.S. EPA inventory of sources of dioxin and dioxin-like compounds.


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